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Dr. Norman


Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy

My areas of practice include relationship assessment, education and counseling for couples, individuals and blending families. I have provided counseling in a variety of areas such as in hospice, job transition, drug and alcohol education, PTSD, marriage counseling, hardship certification for immigration purposes, surviving sexual abuse and working with juvenile justice adolescents.

Hablamos Español

Areas of Expertise

Counseling, Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with an Humanistic Approach.

Are you stuck or struggling in your relationship or marriage?
Do you find it difficult to have the life you desire?
Are you feeling down or sad too often?
Or worrying and experiencing too much anxiety?
Do you know things aren’t working, but don’t know what to do?

Come talk to me, a Marriage and Family Therapist who listens and cares. With a business background as well as relevant life experience, I am compassionate, encouraging and hopeful. I am optimistic that our work together can be productive and deeply rewarding.


Contact Me

I look forward to meeting you and/or your family to support your journey towards positive change and healthy relationships.

Institute of Advanced Studies

1274 N Grove St

Anaheim, CA 92806

Tel: (714) 869-0077

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